GHCS Camp Refund Policy

At Greater Houston Summer and Spring Camps, we understand that plans can change. To ensure we can continue to offer these valuable community events, we must implement certain limits and policies regarding refunds and cancellations.

Our goal is to provide a fair and transparent policy while maintaining the quality, safety, and sustainability of our camps.


Please read our policy below: 

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Non-Refundable Bookings

Our camps have a limited number of spots available to ensure a quality experience for all participants. Once you book a camp for your child there is one less spot we can offer to another family. Therefore, in general, these events are 100% Nonrefundable.

No Partial Refunds

All of our camps are offered at a daily and weekly rate. If you book the weekly package for your child and have to miss a day or more there is no refund for the days you didn’t attend. This applies to sibling groups as well. If one child misses a day or skips camp entirely no refund will be issued because that spot was able to go to another family. 

Behavioral Expectations

When registering, we ask for specific information regarding your child's behavior. It is crucial to provide accurate and honest details. If any falsified information is discovered or if your child exhibits prohibited behavior, resulting in their removal from camp, no refund will be issued under any circumstance. 

Special Exceptions

All of this being said some events are entirely out of our control like emergency medical procedures or significant deaths in the family. In these cases, we may issue a FULL REFUND if proper documentation is provided or given that you speak with a member of our staff AND that this was done more than 7 days prior to the start of camp. 

These are always evaluated on a case-by-case basis and no refunds are guaranteed.

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